1st Eurasian Alternative Conference gathered in İstanbul on 19-20 November 1996

- The Communist Party of Azerbaijan
- The Sociallist Party of Bulgaria
- The Red Green Alliance of Denmark
- The United Communist Party of Georgia
- The Communist Party of India (Marxist)
- The Palestinian Liberation Organization- El Fetih
- The People’s Communist Party of Spain
- The Workers’ Party (Turkey)
- The Workers’ Party (Korea)
- The Radical Left Party of Poland
- The Communist Workers’ Party of Russia
- The Union of Communist Parties of the Soviet Union
- The Communist Party of Syria
- The Communist Party of Ukraine
- Yugoslavian Left (JUL)
- Socialist Party of Serbia

and the associations from all over the world and personalities have gathered in Istanbul on November 19-20, 1996.

The participants have pointed out that the Eurasian region has been the focus of the great struggles that would determine the future of our planet and the platform of liberation and struggles of proletarian revolutions to challange the hegemony of US imperialism.

The basic conflicts are in the field of political, economical, military and ideological spheres. On one side, there are imperialist powers (US is the leading one) who want to create conflicts in order to impose the New World Order, and political and economic control over the resources of the exploited counties. And on the other side there are disintegrated people who are suffering from imperialist manoeuvers and its institutions such as NATO, EU, IMF, The World Bank, G-7 and the GATT Treaty etc.

This conferance unanimously condemns US blockade against Cuba, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, Iraq and Libya, and demands the lifting of blockade. 

All the oppressed and working people from the Eurasian region and their countries are under the treat of disintegration. They have the potential to resist objectively against the imperialist attacks. The delegates have pointed out that the liberation from wildest attacks, that people have ever faced in the history, depends on the struggles of exploited people.

The participants have emphasized that imperialism gives rise to dependency and supporting the separatists, terrorists and fundamentalists who are posing threat to the unity, sovereignty and human development of the independant counties. In 
addition the political and economic policies of imperialism have been causing serious threats to the sovereignty of independant countiries. They have pointed out that the New World Order aims at destroying humanity, the gains of socialist revolutions and the wars of independence which are two major achievements of this century.

The participants have stated that imperialist and zionist attacks can only be defeated by means of comman efforts of national and international solidaritiy of working peoples’ organizations and anti-imperialist mouvements. They have agreed on strengtening solidarity by establishing mutual, bilateral and multilateral cooperation of all the progressive parties and movements in the Eurasian region. The final aim of the cooperation is to create a new system of anti-imperialist geopolitical union of independant and free nations. 

Workers of all countries and oppressed people unite! 

A delegation from People’s Republic of China (Association of International 
Understanding) attended the conference, too.