Doğu Perinçek:

If Kurdistan were to become independent, Israel would become a neighbor with Iran:

Doğu Perinçek, Aydınlık newspaper, Rota column, 29th June 2017, THURSDAY


Masoud Barzani, the president of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government, has announced that the date for the referendum for the so-called "independence of Kurdistan" was set for September 25, 2017. Vatan Partisi (Patriotic Party) held an immediate central executive committee meeting on June 17, 2017. The party determined its stance on this attempt to set up Kurdistan in a coalition built around the United States and Israel and shared its conclusion with the Turkish nation.





The so-called Kurdistan referendum has become the focus of current global conflicts.


On the opposite side are the United States + Israel + Barzanistan + PKK + The Southern Cyprus Greek Administration +Greece.


Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria constitute the frontline against the initiative for an independent Kurdistan. Russia has now become part of this frontline. Germany has also opposed the referendum. The Eurasian powers are gathering at the same front against the United States in Northern Iraq after Qatar.


The opposition front stretches from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Oman Sea. Admiral Soner Polat’s article in yesterday’s Aydınlık newspaper is of great importance. Israel and the Southern Cyprus Greek segment engaged in a joint military exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean June 11-14.It is crucial for Turkey, Iran and everyone else all the other nations in the region to see and understand the connection between this exercise and the initiative for an independent Kurdistan.





Iran’s stance is key. There is mention of high level confidential talks between Iran and the United States. The Kurdistan referendum was also on the agenda during these talks. The United States is trying to coax Iran to take a more favorable position on the initiative of Kurdistan independence. It will be in line with the US-Israeli strategy, in return, to accept some of Iran's demands.


It is known worldwide that there are two Iranian tendencies on relations with the United States. Those who wish to restore relations with the United States favor taking a moderate position on the independence of Kurdistan. Among those inclined to support this initiative, there are even people who do not consider that Kurdistan would pose a direct threat to Iran. In their view, the Kurds living in Iran are not an extensionof the Iraqi Kurds. Even if Kurdistan were to be independent, they think that this would hardly affect Iran's Kurds.Such people go as far as expressing hopes that Iran could monitor Kurdistan.





On considering the Kurdistan initiative from Iran’s perspective, one would see that the plan is to set up a new neighbour for Iran, namely Israel. The so-called "Kurdistan"is being established by the military force of the United States and Israel. The alliance between Barzanistan, PKK, and Israel is formed on the basis of using Kurdistan as a pawn. The original and actual founder of Kurdistan is Israel. Therefore Kurdistan’s real name is Second Israel. Beyond the risk posed for Kurds of losing the territory they live on, for Iran, the so-called "Kurdistan" would place entire Iran under threat. With the help of Kurdistan, Israel would be practically at Iran’s borders –conveniently bypassing Jordan, Syria and Iraq. The aim of Israel in coming so close to Iran surely is not to form amicable relations with Iran. And the Iranians are surely the first to know this.


The new neighbor would not only pose a threat to the territorial integrity of Iran, but also pose a direct threat to the Iranian regime, which has an assertive and steadfast stance vis-a-vis the United States. If a second Israel were to be set up, Iran would be a different Iran. This change in the West of Iran would go hand in hand with a regime change in Iran.


Therefore, foiling the initiative for Second Israel is not only a territorial integrity issue, a regime issue, but a matter of living with dignity and independence, as well as a matter of living in peace with its neighbors/peaceful coexistence with its neighbors.





This multi-purpose initiative to establish a second Israel is not only a threat to Iran, but also a threat to the other nations of the region. It would be a grave mistake to interpret the initiative as one that is designed to give Kurds a piece of land.


The initiative would place Israel in the midst of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. An independent Kurdistan would add yet another layer of complications, with many years of conflict and war. This so-called "Kurdistan" is not a constructive initiative of building up, but an initiative of destruction and demolition. First and foremost it is an initiative of devastation for the Kurds of the region! As they will be made into organised forces as Peshmerga to serve the militaristic needs of the United States and Israel.


Consequentially, not acting against this initiative means allowing irreversible to be committed. Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran must prevent this initiative of Kurdistan independence. A wait-and-see policy is not a valid option.





As Vatan Partisi we have taken action. We are discussing the initiative with neighboring nations, offering them our views and urging them to take immediate measures that are essential.


The aimed result of the initiative to establish a so-called Kurdistan is already obvious. There is no possibility of success for US and Israel. The initiative to set up the so-called Kurdistan would indirectly aide the neighboring regions in that territory. Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Lebanon will be forming the Western Asian Union. Kurds will form a part of this union, living as citizens with equal rights and sharing the spirit of brotherhood.


What's visible in the horizon is not "Kurdistan," but Western Asia Union.