Doğu Perinçek: "A Historical National Congress of the CPC"


The Chairman of Vatan Partisi (Turkey), Doğu Perinçek commented on the 18th of October in his column in Turkish Daily Newspaper Aydınlık on the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will gather in Beijing today. This convention has a historical value because China is at a crossroad.

China is the most productive country in the world.

China has a big impact in world politics.

China is Turkey’s most important trading partner.

Turkey and China’s security depends on each other.

For this reason the whole world and Turkey follows the congress of the CPC very closely and attentively.



Here is the importance of the Congress: The Chinese government came to a decision about its “Open to foreign countries and Reform” politics, practiced since 1979. The country has achieved an economic and social development that the world history has not witnessed before, with the human resources and infrastructure created by the revolution under Mao Zedung’s leadership. Every year the Chinese economy is growing exponentially at 7 percent. Today, China is contributing to the world’s economic growth by 39 percent.



Now the Chinese government puts the problems created by the difference of the wealth on their agenda. Therefore they emphasize, the commitment of Marxism’s creative practice, leadership of the party, Mao Zedung’s historical importance and determination in the socialist establishment.

The CPC now deals with the corruption in relation to the task of limiting tendencies of class differentiation. Accordingly, the task of decisive struggle against the trend of “Deny Mao” from the West is determined. The emphasis on loyalty to the Marxism guide comes to the forefront. To allocate state resources to public enterprises instead of the private sector has been decided. The party develops special politics for private sector capitals to be devoted to socialist values and it also aims to organize in this segment. Until recently enrichment was encouraged and now the door of the Party is being closed to those who seek wealth.

The famous slogan of the era of Mao Zedung, “Live simple, work hard, serve the people” is the rising value of new era.



On these historical terms, the 19th Grand Assembly of the CCP has four reinforcement goals:

-Empower the leadership of Chinese Communist Party

-Reinforce Marxism in the Chinese communist Party

-Strengthen the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in the People’s Liberation Army

-Empower China worldwide



The Party notes that the leadership of Secretary-General Xi Jinping is decisive in succeeding the duties on their agenda. Chinese sources say that Xi Jinping is the most influential leader since Mao Zedong, the leader of the Chinese Revolution. This determination can also be interpreted as an evaluation of the leaders between Mao and Xi. The CPC is determined to unite around Xi at this congress and move forward with its goals by strengthening his leadership.

In this congress, the Communist Party of China will renew the central organs and the administrative staff of the state according Xi Jinping’s program. Four or five of the seven permanent members of the Political Bureau, the Party's permanent center-management body, a significant portion of the members of the Central Committee are likely to retire.

The dynamic staff in the political solidity will replace them to take the new era's tasks over.





The Communist Party of China will pursue more active politics in international relations in the new historical period. The "Sharing by Development" line in the country will be carried out in accordance with the "Sharing by Development" concept in the international arena.


In the coming period we will see a more resilient China against the US. China will be in closer solidarity with the oppressed and developing countries of the world and will help the EU to be more independent from the United States. We will see China in a more determined, more active position in the establishment of a peaceful and Multipolar World.





The orientation of the Communist Party of China under the leadership of Xi Jinping is important for the future of the world. Because China is not only the engine of the growth of the world economy today, but more importantly, the whole humanity is watching the congress full of hope in terms for a classless world, aspirations for peace and brotherhood.


When we look from Turkey, relations with China will play effective role for the welfare of our country. Today Turkey has very important weight in the struggle for homeland integrity. In this respect, the accomplishment of the goals set by the Chinese Communist Party is a source of hope for humanity and especially for Turkey.