Ret. Admiral Soner Polat: West-Asian Integration deepening

Turkish Armed Forces crossed the border to the Idlib Province of Syria:


Deputy Chairman of Vatan Partisi and Head of International Relations Bureau, Ret. Admiral Soner Polat commented on the crossing of the Turkish Armed Forces into the Idlib Province of Syria.


Polat made the following declaration:


Turkey, Russia and Iran’s decision to start an operation to Idlib on 7th of October 2017 was an excellent move. Without any hesitation, we can say Syria is their ally too.

When President Erdogan was answering a press question, he confirmed communication with Syria through Russia.

All the rivers connect to open sea sooner or later. We will witness this indirect communication to turn to direct communication soon.


Excellent Move!


If this Eurasia block haven’t united and acted together, the US would have interfered to Idlib with all his power. Terrorists’ well respected ISIS representative; Brett McGurk started the process by blaming Turkey to help al Qaeda. USA’s ground force PKK/PYD was going to be used for this purpose. Operation Euphrates Shield area was going to be sieged from the east and the west. We are aware the PKK is getting prepared to attack the Free Syrian Army in Afrin.


On the other hand Idlib is the most critical area in Syria. Syrian Government passed a reconciliation-law which allows terrorist groups move from one area to another. In this context, 67 percent of the terrorist groups moved to Idlib. To mop up Idlip from terrorist groups not only will relieve Syrian regime, it will also save Turkey from a strong refuge thread. The population in Idlib is estimated to be 1.5 to 2 million.



New term


Turkey joined the Eurasian block with this operation. Turkey, Russia, Syria and Iran became partners. This will affect the outcome of the war. We can confidently say: Soon, Turkey and Syria’s conflict will come to an end. From now on, the Imperialist west and their forces will face Eurasia’s united and close-knit wall.



Idlip-Afrin relations


Turkey cannot evaluate Idlib without Afrin. The Turkish and Syrian army in Idlib will surround the PKK and the PYD in Arfin from south. This way PKK and PYD won’t have much room to maneuver. PYD’s spread areas are limited. After Idlip operation we shouldn’t disregard the chance of Afrin to be included to de-escalation zone.


Negative improvements in Iraq will affect Syria negatively. For this reason Eurasia block should improve united strategies for both regions.


The Turkish army and Turkey took important lessons out of the Operation of Euphrates Shield experience, which was a big success in Turkish History. The result of this Idlib-operation will change all the artificial balances. We are confident that Turkish Army and our soldiers will succeed. According to incoming news, armed opponents who heard the sound of Turkish Army’s foot steps started to leave El Nusra already.