Doğu Perinçek: Turkey-Russia-Syria Trio to Change the World’s Balance

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu made the declaration we have been waiting for so long: Turkey and Russia are building a trilateral mechanism in foreign affairs, armed forces and intelligence areas. This trilateral mechanism also includes Syria. Because Syria is at the focal point of this collaboration.





The process, which we have foreseen when the Turkish Armed Forces initiated an operation against separatist terrorism on July 24th, 2015, is on track. We have stated that this operation will inevitably bring by cooperation with Russia in all aspects. Turkey carried out its fight for eliminating PKK successfully and buried the separatist terrorist organization in its own trenches. What was also buried in trenches was the “black force” of USA. In this new situation, Turkey and USA were in opposite fronts in Northern Syria. In other words, the war between Turkey and USA evolved beyond the Turkish borders. The future of Turkey is United with the countries that are against the USA and Israel in Northern Syria.





Turkey’s alliance with the regional countries and Russia became inevitable. Some people failed to see this reality. Because they were looking at events through the lenses of USA and PKK. Turkey and Russia had to be kept separate in order for the separatist terrorism to survive. To this end, the propaganda was promoting that it is impossible for the Erdoğan government to wander out of USA’s supervision. Similar views also existed in Russia, Syria and Iran.


The Patriotic Party of Turkey explained Turkey’s necessities to Vladimir Putin’s staff in contacts made in Moscow in December, and in contacts made with Alexander Dugin, who is the authorized representative of Putin in Ankara several times at the end of March, end of July and at the beginning of August. Putin’s staff is now promoting what we explained them to the world from Russian TV channels. They are clearly stating that the Patriotic Party has persuaded Russia. We knew this would happen. Because Russia has necessities too. Now the necessities of two countries have overlapped.





As we have expected and learned before, the cooperation between Turkey and Russia is focused on Syria. This cooperation will gather the forces to assure the territorial integrity of Western Asian countries as well as Turkey and Syria. Therefore, the scope of the cooperation includes aspects that embrace Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Azerbaijan.


In essence, the world’s balance is changing. Because a Western Asian Union is forming and USA’s attempt to establish a so-called “Kurdistan”, in other words, a Second Israel. We are at the gate of a whole new world.





Turkey is both the front line and key country of the rising Eurasia. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had stated that Turkey was fighting for all the oppressed nations during our War of Independence. Turkey is again at a similar position.


Change in world’s balance has always been painful. It will be painful this time around as well. However, Turkey had no other options. Surrendering to USA meant to be buried in debt and to be torn apart. Therefore the options were to exist or not.


We have been talking about the “Great decision”. We have set the goal of “From the War for the Homeland to the National Government”. You can call it a “revolution”. The fact that the coup attempt of American-led FETO on July 15th was crushed and Turkish nation was united against the USA-led imperialism show that we are now in the revolution process.





Turkey is directed to the decision of existence with its great accumulation and can only exist through revolution. This is the summary of what we have lived and will live through.


Patriotic Party of Turkey was able to foresee the emergence of this process because it is able to see the accumulation and it has also shown this to everyone including our neighbors.


The programmes and policies to overcome the upcoming painful process were also defined years ago by the Patriotic Party. Turkey is inevitably leaning towards the route for Ataturk’s revolutions. The government to solve the upcoming problems is the National Government.


We will understand this necessity as well.



Doğu Perinçek / August 11, 2016, Aydınlık