Venezuela struggling in the forefront of humanity

The Workers’ Party (Turkey) expresses revolutionary solidarity with the Bolivarian administration of President Nicolas Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela advancing on the path shown by “Comandante” Chavez. Both parties are on the same side in the struggle for national independency and the freedom of people. As were Bolivar in Venezuela and Atatürk in Turkey.


The Workers’ Party (Turkey) is in anti-imperialist solidarity against the US who has deployed fascist gangs on the streets in Venezuela last week, similar to the scenario in the Ukraine. Those Bolivarians who were imprisoned 22 years ago because of their struggle for independence against the US, and the Turkish patriots who are imprisoned nowadays, are fighting in the same front.


The imperialist system, trying to maintain its world hegemony with “colored” revolutions and so-called “springs”, is being shaken fundamentally by the rising people of young nations like the Venezuelan and Turkish one. Imperialism seeks remedy in gangs and in exporting terrorism. But this futile effort will just accelerate its collapse.


We from the Asian front of humanity are supporting our Bolivarian brothers for their courage and resolution. The Bolivarian administration, with its experience of 15 years, is strong enough to crush these imperialist provocations and the fascist gangs. Venezuela, Latin America and the oppressed people of the entire world are standing by with President Maduro and “Comandante” Chavez’s party PSUV.


On behalf of Turkish revolutionary patriots we as the Workers’ Party (Turkey) are greeting the Venezuelan people advancing towards socialism on the path of equality, fraternity and liberty.


Hasta la Victoria Siempre!