The Pope violates with his declaration the ruling of the ECHR

Pope Francis’ declaration constitutes an attempt to revive the spirit of the crusades. This will harm deeply the respect for the person of the Pope.


Dr. DoğuPerinçek, Chairman of the Patriotic Party (Turkey) made the following written declaration in response to Pope Francis’ accusation of the Armenian Genocide. Mr. Perinçek had also been accused in the ECHR of “genocide denial” and became right in the decision of this court.


The declaration of Pope is bewildering. We had thought that the Vatican had buried the spirit of the crusades. By taking a role in the plans to divide the Republic of Turkey, the Pope is giving up his position as a respected spiritual leader.


More than that, the Pope is challenging the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which is the highest judicial institution in Europe. It shall be reminded that the decisions of the ECHR are binding for the Pope as well.


In his ruling, the ECHR decided that the events of 1915 do not show similarity to the Holocaust and do not constitute genocide. Furthermore, in his recent ruling in the case “Serbia versus Croatia”, the International Court of Law in Den Haag decided that a deportation couldn’t be considered an act of genocide.


The same court also constituted that the UN definition of genocide from 1948 can’t be applied retroactively.


His Excellency the Pope has to learn to show respect for the ruling of law. Whatever the spiritual charge, it does not provide the authority to violate the law.


We have ruled out the lie of the genocide at its roots. An undeniable, unquestionable ruling of the ECHR is given.


Today, the accusation of ”Armenian Genocide” not only constitutes a lie. Today, it is an infamy violating the law.