Ukraine: Front Line of Eurasia and the Oppressed and Developing World

Yunus Soner, Chairman of the International Relations Bureau of the Workers' Party, evaluated the situation in Ukraine on the 10th of February 2014.

Today, Ukraine turned into the battleground of the two big forces in the world: Imperialism against Eurasia, the latter representing the whole oppressed and developing world. This conflict constitutes part of the global fight against imperialism. In this frontline, the Workers’ Party (Turkey) stands clearly on the side of the Eurasian forces. This conflict has a special significance because it clearly demonstrates the new weakness of the imperialist powers.

Diminishing colourful revolutions and Ukraine’s turn to the East
It’s worth reminding: Ukraine had gone through one of the so called colourful revolutions. In 2004, the West had organised an uprising that caused the resign of the Eurasian government, bringing Viktor Yushchenko to power. But already in the first elections in 2010, Yushchenko lost and disappeared in history. The elected President Viktor Yanukovych soon saw himself forced to choose a side: Or the European Union (EU) that was in crisis, showing even signs of dissolution; or the rising power of Eurasia. Yanukovych made a decision, annulled in November 2013 the signing of membership agreement with the EU and directed his country towards Eurasia. The events of today in Ukraine constitute nothing else but the EU and the US’ reaction to this historical defeat.

Imperialism retreats back to its borders

The phase of attack for the imperialist forces is over. These forces are not capable of realizing any of their political aims at any of the fronts. With its population’s support, Syria succeeded in defending its national state und unity. In Egypt, the revolutionary waves that started from the Tahrir Square step by step limited US influence. Today, the formerly US-supported Muslim Brotherhood is declared a terrorist organization. In Afghanistan, NATO forces are looking for a way of escape. The decade long embargo against Iran has become useless; today the US is forced to enter negotiations with Iran. 33 Latin American states united excluding the US – in Havana, Cuba in the meeting of the CELAC. In Turkey, imperialist plans of dividing the country have shelled by the popular resistance going on for more than two years. The US instruments, Prime Minister Erdogan and the Gülen Sect fell in a conflict between themselves. Thus, the insurgency provoked in the Ukraine by the West, in its international context can be evaluated as a fight of retreat. The imperialism is in a defence position, and its defence line is today as back as the borders of the European Union. This position of retreat and defence explains the at the same time aggressive but undecided behaviour of imperialist forces in the Ukraine.

The weakening imperialism clings to the most reactionary forces
In a defensive position, today imperialist forces face difficulties to find allies as well. Djihadist groups in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Gülen Sect and the PKK in Turkey; imperialism is not allying with the dominant powers of societies any more but with its most mafia-like, marginalized groups. In the Ukraine, it is the most reactionary, racist groups that lead the insurgency. That the West only finds allies in Neo-Nazi groups, and that as a political leader it can only present a boxer who earned his wage in Germany, these are significant indicators. Sensing its inability to get the whole country under its hegemony, the West is now threatening Ukraine with division. But they will not succeed in this. Let aside the Ukraine being divided, the coming future will show even EU countries progressively orienting themselves towards Eurasia.

Position of the Workers’ Party (Turkey): Stop imperialist interference in the Ukraine
The Workers’ Party (Turkey) strongly condemns imperialistic intervention in the Ukraine. It is totally inacceptable that politicians of imperialist countries participate in demonstrations in the Ukraine, that they intervene into domestic politics and force the most reactionary groups into the political conflict. The Workers’ Party (Turkey) holds imperialist powers and their local instruments responsible of all the acts of violence that occur in the Ukraine. The Workers’ Party (Turkey) undisputedly supports and defends the fight of the Ukraine for sovereignty and independence and declares it’s solidarity with all the political forces that defend the unity of the country. Our party also calls on the countries of the European Union to leave the Atlantic Empire that is crushing down and to orient themselves towards the rising power of Eurasia. The Workers’ Party (Turkey) will also change the orientation of Turkey towards the rising civilization of Eurasia, thus uniting with the people of the Ukraine in the same anti-imperialistic camp.