The flag and president of Rojava and Kobane

Workers’ Party Chairman and Aydınlık Newspaper columnist Doğu Perinçek evaluates the Kurdish Corridor between Northern Iraq and Syria.



Turkish geography has its own balances. We have confrontations that have been going on for two centuries. Those who burn Turkish flag in these soils take inevitably refuge under the US flag. The leader that those who put Sheik Sait and Seyit Rıza (Leaders of feudal Islamist insurgency in the beginning of the Turkish Republic) opposite to Atatürk ask help from, is Obama.

The Truth of Rojava and PKK
Peshmergas entered Turkey from Habur border gate, wearing uniforms with US flags and ‘US Army’ written on their chests. The PKK supporters welcomed them, shouting Biji Serok Obama (Long live President Obama). Same happened in Nusaybin, as well.

This is the truth of Rojava. And this is also the truth of PKK. Of course PYD and YPG also included. And also of Barzani. The US army formed Barzani’s state by killing 1.5 million Iraqi civilians. So the model of shame has been shaped: To form a state with the help of the US army!

The History of Separatism
Separatism in our region always hope for help from imperialism. The imperialism of the English and French back then. And the US imperialism today.

Anything different is not possible, because those who try to divide countries like Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria cannot accomplish it with their own forces. They have always applied to imperialism for this throughout the history.

The history of separatism in our region is the history of the collaboration with imperialism. The history of Kurdish nationalism is again the history of the collaboration with imperialism.

Whom we are Embracing?
The history of Kurds is nested with the people in the region. It would not be right of us to mix Kurdish people with separatists.

The Kurdish citizens in Turkey have stood up against imperialism for the integrity of Turkey. Experiences prove that only those who unite can fight against imperialism. Martyrs of World War I and Liberty War are embracing each other underground.

Yet, those who kill Turkish soldiers embrace their saviour; the US imperialism. Here we see it all. 

Strategic Pawn
We have experienced this for two centuries. Kurdish separatism when took up arms, has become, inevitably, the strategic pawn of imperialism.

Turkish leftists debate over Rojava and Kobane. Neoliberal traitors and those affected by them even claimed that the state in Rojava was formed against imperialism.

Now the truth is all clear and embarrassing.

There is an American flag in the heart of Rojava and Kobane.

The president of Rojava and Kobane is Serok Obama.