Guests do not support separatist terror!

Chairman of the Workers’ Party, Dr. Dogu Perincek made press conference together with the young people who protested the US soldiers in Istanbul.

Chairman of the Workers’Party (Turkey), Dr. Dogu Perincek gave a joint press conference together with the young people who carried out the protest against US soldiers in Istanbul. The Press Conference was given on the 13th of November 2014.

The full text of the press conference is below.

The Youth Union of Turkey (TGB – Türkiye Gençlik Birliği) has put on sacks on the heads of US soldiers yesterday. Because of this action, 12 of our friends, who were also administrators and members of the Vanguard Youth – the youth branch of the Workers’ Party (Turkey) – were taken into custody and were released after their testimony.    

The administrator of the youth pointed out, in their testimony at the police, that they did not committed acts of violence and explained why they have put on sacks on the heads of the US soldiers:

“The USA is openly supporting the separatist terror organization in Turkey. PKK declares proudly that they are a strategic pawn of the US. Our friends have shown the resolute stance of the youth in defending the country. This was the aim of the action.”

We congratulate our friends. The youth is doing its duty. Today, the whole nation has confidence in them.

The Timing is Perfect
When we look at the sack put on the head, we remember the sacks put on the heads of the Turkish soldiers in Suleimani, Iraq on the 4th of July 2003. The action responded to the sack with a sack.

But the timing of the action has more to do with the present than the past. Turkey is now confronting the US soldiers. The US bombardment in Ayn al-Arab is to save the PKK, whereas the PKK is the terrorist organization trying to divide Turkey. The terrorist organization has declared its leader in chanting the slogan “Serok Obama” (President Obama).

A response to the bullets that killed our soldiers and to the boots that trampled the Al-Aqsa Mosque
The youth has responded to the US brand bullets that have killed our soldiers just 19 days ago in Hakkari.

The youth has responded to the provocations of the US that caused the incineration of marts, schools, and the kicking of the statues of Atatürk in southeast of Turkey.

The youth responded to those who trampled the Al-Aqsa Mosque with their boots on behalf of all oppressed people.

The US should, if they want good relations with Turkey, stop supporting the separatist terror organization.

Who are thugs
The spokesman of the Pentagon has attempted to humiliate our young friends by calling them “thugs”. The whole world knows, with experiences reaching from Vietnam to Iraq and Syria, who the thug is.

The imperialists attempted to insult Mustafa Kemal by calling him a “thug” as well. There will be always valiant people who will defend Turkey against imperialist thugs.

Warning with sack
The US Defence Ministry, Pentagon, and the US Embassy mentioned the Turkish hospitality in the statements made after the sack incident. It is true. Our people welcome those, who come with roses, in the same way. Yet those who come with a sword should be ready not only for a sack but for a sword as well.  

The Chief of Staff of Turkey has indicated, a few days ago, that we should be prepared against foreign powers organizing uprisings in Turkey. US officials and experts are saying openly that they are now targeting Turkey.  

The US is approaching Turkey with a sword. It shows guns both from the border and from inside the country. In these circumstances, the sack becomes a historical warning.

If the US wants a third defeat...
The US has been defeated in Syria. It has been defeated once more in the war of pawns in Ayn al-Arab. If the US wants a third defeat, Turkey has more than enough capacity to achieve this. The resistance of Turkey would be unique. No doubt, everyone knows that.

It would be so wrong of the US, which is declaring that it is providing the separatist terror with arms and all kind of support, to think that it could control the game easily. Turkey cannot be divided neither in peace, nor with arms. They will understand this.

Two Prerequisites for Good Relations
The US needs to acknowledge the integrity of western Asian countries.

If it does not, it will suffer the consequences.

We, as the Turkish nation, do not want enmity. Still, for good relations, the US has to show respect to two conditions:

First: You cannot divide our country!

Second: You cannot demolish the republic!