End of superstition that the US does not seperate Turkey

The Workers' Party Chairman Doğu Perinçek explains the USA’s covert intentions regarding Turkey under the guise of strategic cooperation.


An article by Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Workers' Party (Turkey). This article was published in his column in the daily newspaper Aydınlık.

There has been a very common superstition in Turkey since the 1990s. They were asking "Why does the US want the separation of Turkey? We are the USA's loyal ally."


Consolations of the loyal ally

The US was invading Iraq and establishing Kurdistan in the northern part of the country, however our boys were paying no attention. Pentagon officials were presenting maps of a separated Turkey to our boys during a NATO summit in Rome, however they could still manage to feel relax.

Moreover, they have conducted a military exercise to invade Turkey and they called it the "Millenium Challenge 2002" as a response to the former Chief of Staff Org. Kıvrıkoğlu. The military exercise had began on the anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty. Our boys let it go.

In short, we arrived at these days with such consolations as "Does the US split up its ally."


The US has officially declared its strategic pawn

I wrote about one of the articles of the Wall Street Journal linked to the dominant circles of the USA on the 15 September. The summary of the article was that Turkey has turned into a target country for the USA. The Washington Administration currently considers Kurds as their allies in the region. The USA's 'Kurds' description does not only cover Barzani's so-called state but also the PKK and its branch in Syria, the PYD. Now "the second Israel" determination is based on solid ground.

The confrontation in Western Europe and Turkey is becoming more clear. Every side declare their enemies while the conflict is becoming warmer. We have been emphasizing the strategic pawn position of the PKK for 20 years. The PKK also does not deny this anymore. A strategy which considers Turkey as an hostile force can only be conducted under the protection of the USA.


The task of the CHP in "the new reality of Kurdistan"

A news story that clarifies the current situation emerged two days ago. A discussion meeting was held in the USA on the 16 September under the topic of "the New Reality of Kurdistan". The co-chairman of the HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş and the Deputy Chairman of the CHP Sezgin Tanrıkulu attended this meeting.

Those who cannot accept the new concept of the CHP will ask what is the task of the CHP in Kurdistan's new reality?

There is nothing to be surprised about. The CHP has currently became the house of Kemal from Dersim (Kılıçdaroğlu). The new tasks of the CHP are the Kurdish resolution process, autonomy, and education in Kurdish language. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and his crew think that they can take power by showing their accordance with the US strategy. The point that they have arrived is the strategic cooperation with the PKK. Each new event confirms the cooperation between the CHP and the PKK.


Facts that cannot be denied

The developments fit together in Western Asia.

The US is imposing the 2nd Israel plan on the countries and the people of Western Asia.

The Washington administration is not the ally but the separatist of Turkey.

The superstition that the "US does not separate the country of its ally” has now collapsed.


The USA and Turkey came face to face

The confrontation in Turkey is between those who support the unity of the country against the USA and the collaborators of the USA.

Collaborating with the US is henceforth the other name of act of separating the country. It was the same in the past. However, its also the same for those who do not want to understand this reality.  

All the excuses for the collaboration with the USA become invalid in this process. Everybody should resist against the US from laborers to the national business owners. Both the national and class interests require this.

Turkey is now ready for a National Government which will unify the country again.


The bill of cooperating with the USA

Those who collaborate with the USA are confronting the nation. They will pay the price and even began to pay.

The CHP began to experience the results of cutting his ties with the land and the nation. Those who have been voting for the CHP for 40 years now say that they will not vote for the CHP again. The CHP will stay under the 10 percent electoral threshold.

The situation of the PKK is not like as some media organs exaggerate. Collaboration with the USA drives the region to new bloody disasters. Our Kurdish citizens can see the situation and stand against the PKK. The idea of unity and the Workers Party are becoming stronger in the region.

The Turkish nation is on the verge of a great resistance. The states and the peoples of the region are obliged to cooperate in all areas against the United States.