Corruption operation not an AKP-Gülen conflict

An article by Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Workers’ Party (Turkey). This article was published in his column in the daily newspaper Aydınlık.

It’s been the same since 17 December: “the AKP - Gülenist conflict!”

Unfortunately, Aydınlık and the Ulusal TV channel also begin all of their news stories with this “AKP - Gülenist conflict” cliche. For this is the definition of the situation that is currently making the rounds! This is how the system presents the current situation.

Corruption is uncovered, and it is immediately defined as a conflict between the Gülenists and the AKP.

Gladio seizes the Turkish judiciary, and this too is the “AKP - Gülenist conflict”!

So where does the nation stand? What about the people?

Are there not people waging a war against corruption?

Is the fight against corruption a problem for the Gülenists?

Is the fight against the Gülenist Gladio the AKP’s struggle?

The system imposes a single scenario, one of polarisation
You are either on the side of the Cemaat or the AKP!

Either an Erdoğanist or a Gülenist!

In the Presidential elections, you can either support the “Tayyiban” or Abdullah Gül!

The CHP and MHP have openly cast their lot in with the Gülenist camp, for they are being directed by [US Ambassador] Ricciardone. Particularly Kılıçdaroğlu!

Tayyip Erdoğan, Abdullah Gül and their men can no longer govern Turkey
The pair are both on their way out, as we have been stressing for years.

After this Turkey can be run neither by Erdoğan or by Gül! Nor can it be led by Kılıçdaroğlu or Devlet Bahçeli.

For they have become assistants of the Gülenist Cemaat; they are collaborators of Abdullah Gül.

The CHP leadership proclaimed the AKP government to be “illegitimate” on 24 February 2014. This incident raises a great question.

The AKP came to power in November 2002 in what was a coup for the USA. The CHP have until now always advocated the legality of this unlawful regime. By giving his support to the [Ergenekon, Balyoz et al] operations against “coup plotters”, Kılıçdaroğlu played a role as a minesweeper in the drive to destroy the Republic and divide the country.

Now suddenly they declare the government as “illegal”. Which role is the CHP playing now?

Which government will the CHP establish in place of this illegal regime? Kılıçdaroğlu is as far as one can be from the principles of [Turkish Republic and CHP founder] Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in fact he hates even to be associated with him, so whose scenario for government is he aiming for? Ricciardone’s?

Right now, the most fundamental issue is not to chime in to the AKP - Gülenist conflict scenario.

Why are they not shouting about Gladio?
The historical mission of the Workers’ Party is to create an independent force for the nation. 

As for the CHP, as it is hanging on to the Gülenist Gladio structure, it is undertaking a duty in the Atlantic scenarios.

We write it once more:

The struggle against corruption is one that takes place within the system. Theft is a crime in every system. In the slave system and in the feudal system, theft is against the law. In the Roman slavery system and in the Medieval Sharia states, theft was a crime, and the hands of thieves who had been caught were cut off.

As for the fight against Gladio, it is a struggle against the heart of the system. It is the struggle that targets the system of dominance in Turkey.

Besides that, it is also a front in the struggle for independence.

One should take note of the fact that those who are governed by the Atlantic forces raise hell to call out a thief, but they do not make a sound about Gladio. For if they did, they would come up against the system.

The deepening crisis is bringing a great solution to the agenda. 

The crisis is not only economic, but also political and social. It is setting Turkey’s territorial integrity at the centre of the agenda.

Turkey has entered a crisis of country and state.

The national state has fallen apart, and the crisis of state is deepening.

Turkey will be extricated from this state crisis through a National Government.

The genesis of this National Government comes as the People come together under Atatürk’s principles.

Turkey has come to its current state because it strayed from the course defined by Atatürk. The War of Independence and a social revolution were at the foundations of the state and society. Independence, unity, integrity, freedom, modernity; all of these were gained on that basis. When those foundations collapse, as we can see, we come to a situation where are daughters are not even taking part in physical education. Now we find ourselves at the last point of this dead end.

Turkey shall extract its state and its society from this dead end by reorganising on the foundations laid by Atatürk’s Revolutions. 

The Atlantic system is pushing forward its own scenarios to prevent this National Government from being established.

The mission now is to cast off the government established in Turkey by US imperialism and create a National Government. The conditions for this are falling into place.