Conflict between Egypt and Turkey serves external powers

Joint Declaration of the Al Wafd Party (Egypt) and Workers’ Party (Turkey)

The Al Wafd Party (Egypt) and the Workers’ Party (Turkey) made on the 9th of November 2014 in Cairo a joint declaration. The declaration was made by Sayed el Badaway, Chairman of the El Wafd Party (Egypt) and Yunus Soner, Chairman of the International Relations Bureau of the Workers’ Party (Turkey).   


With their state tradition and national constituency, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Turkey constitute two pillars of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. Together, these two countries can be the guarantee for peace and stability in our region.


Our countries share a long and common history and deep cultural relations. The economic relations between Egypt and Turkey have developed steadily during the last years, resulting in important mutual investments and exchange.


Today, both the Egyptian and the Turkish Nation are facing similar threats of terrorism, instabilityand the need for economic recovery.


We salute the memory of the Egyptian and Turkish soldiers. Both have given their lives defending our nation’s unity. They shall rest in peace and confidence that our nations will never forget them.


We consider Egypt and Turkey objective allies. Our countries’ sovereignty can only be defended successfully by cooperation and support from our neighbors.


We are deeply concerned about the deteriorating relations between Egypt and Turkey. The conflict between Egypt and Turkey only serves external political forces.


We call on both governments refrain from declarations and activities that cause harm to the relation of these two great nations.


As the al Wafd Party of Egypt and the Workers’ Party (Turkey), we declare our intention to work for the reconstitution of our nations relations on political, economic and culturallevels.


We shall especially support our government’s fight against terrorism, exchanging all necessary information and supporting our countries’ unity.


We salute the memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, on the coming anniversary of his fading away on the 10th of November.


Hand in hand, Egypt and Turkey will change the Middle East and the world!


Sayed el Badaway                                                      

Al Wafd Party (Arab Republic of Egypt)                                                                       


Yunus Soner

Chairman of International Relations Bureau

Workers’ Party (Republic of Turkey)