The Patriotic Party (Turkey) is the vanguard party struggling for the common national rulership of the Turkish people.


Patriotic Party (Turkey) is the vanguard party struggling for the common national rulership of the Turkish working class, the peasants, craftsmen, government employees, intellectuals, Turkish manufacturers and merchandisers.

Patriotic Party (Turkey) unites the nationalist, populist and socialist heritage of the Turkish revolution on the basis of its Statute and Programme, under one discipline.

The aim of the Patriotic Party for the short term is to complete the National Democratic Revolution starting in the years of constitutional monarchy, finding its climax with the Kemalist Revolution. The aim of the National Democratic Revolution will be to restore the national state and the people’s administration, to end to the oppression of imperialism, to abolish medieval foundations and relations from every sphere of life, and to emancipate the people and to reach a standard of welfare.

The Patriotic Party regards the scientific and cultural knowledge inherited from Independence Wars all over the world and democratic and socialist revolutions as a guiding principle. The initial point of the party has always been the genuine truth; the party is looking for theory in real life, testing and improving it within practise.

The most productive and convertive force is the power of the proletarian public itself. Being aware of this fact, the Patriotic Party relies on the public, mobilizes it and constructs the people’s administration via the people.


Basic Principles

Under the rule of the Patriotic Party (Turkey), Turkey will be governed from Turkey. Foreign control and intervention over Turkey will be eliminated with all its foundations. The national state, which is the only political framework of progressing towards welfare and liberation, will be defended against the global aggression of imperialism.

The Kurdish Question, in view of democratic rights and freedoms, has been basically solved. The main task that remains, in order to secure domestic peace, unity and fraternity, is to get together and resist imperialist intervention.

Secularism is a condition of national sovereignty and people’s rule and will be exercised with the same content as it appears in democratic revolutions. The source of regency is not divine, as has been claimed by monarchs, sultans and sheikhs, for thousands of years. Power belongs only to the people. Religion is a matter of conscience.

Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of believing and not believing in any religious faith, of forming any opinion or belief. Everybody can freely exercise his/her religion as s/he wishes. The places of worship which answer people’s religious needs cannot be closed down. Nobody will be forced to participate in religious services or ceremonies, carry out religious orders or disclose her/his faith or opinion.

The primary issue in economy is the welfare of the people. With the dynamic participation of the private sector, a policy of mixed economy led by the public sector will be adopted. The guiding principle of the harmony between the leading element of the economy, the public sector and the energetic private sector is what the people need and what the national economy requires. Five-year general plans and annual special development plans will be put into practice to use the country’s resources effectively and productively for the needs of the people. The policies forced by the IMF, which cancel financial aids to agricultural production, the customs, the Public Economic Enterprises and the state control over monetary movements in and out of the country will be discontinued.

A land reform will be conducted in order to radically put an end to feudal social relations which still dominate certain regions of our country, such as landlordism, tribal relations, sheikhdom and usury and to liberate the peasants by allotting them land; in order to overcome poverty; to consolidate the unity of the country; to modernize agricultural production; to increase productivity; to protect our natural resources, primarily the forests and the water resources.



Patriotic Party (Turkey) supports against imperialism the states struggle for independence, nations struggle for liberation and people’s struggle for revolution.

The National Government will follow the foreign policy of peaceful cooperation on the basis of mutual respect for equality, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity of the national state on the basis of non-interference and mutual interest, and will practice Atatürk’s principle of “Peace in the country, Peace in the World.”

Foreign military bases and forces will not be permitted on Turkish territory and bilateral agreements which threaten our security and our neighbours will be withdrawn. Turkey will withdraw from NATO and will not participate in any military pacts.

The National Government will not take part in any intervention and aggression of the US aiming at our region and Eurasia and will cooperate with the countries of the region and the world for the prevention of the “Greater Middle East Project”.

The EU membership process which has chained Turkey on the threshold of Europe and has liquidated our national state and the Atatürk Revolution, will be terminated.

The National Government will establish a regional alliance in order to prevent foreign intervention and terror, to establish security and peace and to develop the region. Turkey will strengthen its cooperation and solidarity with all the Eurasian countries, especially with Russia, the People’s Republic of China, Central Asian states, India and Pakistan. Turkey will take its independent place within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Thus, conditions for the normalization of relations between Turkey and USA, EU and for establishing new relations on the basis of mutual interest will be created.