Unique Heritage of Turkish Revolution
Turkey has been fighting for two centuries against the expansionist capitalism and imperialism of the age of international commerce. This is a unique heritage. It is a unique accumulation of valuable experience and a unique source of self-reliance. 

This great struggle, inherited from the struggles for Constitutional Monarchy , the War of Liberation and the great strides of the Kemalist Revolution, is, in short, the Turkish Revolution. For two centuries, we have been fighting to complete the populist national revolution of Turkey and to create an independent, free and modern society.

We owe our national state, our Republic, our national unity, our territorial integrity, our existence as a public entity and our enlightenment to the Turkish Revolution.

Only Solution
The sixty-year-old experience we have left behind has shown us that, due to the relations across the Atlantic, we have been gradually losing our national state, our national unity, our territorial integrity, our Republic which is based on public good and our modern values. This historic lesson teaches us that there are not two ways in front of our nation, for survival. A blend of dependence on the Imperialist System, individualism and personal interest which is called liberalism is not a solution but destruction for Turkey. The only solution for our nation is to progress on the road opened by the Turkish Revolution.

Tested Programme
The programme of the Turkish Revolution has been formed throughout the national practices which have answered our nation’s needs of independence, freedom and modernization, during a period of two hundred years. This tradition which we have defined in terms of the achievements of the generations who made possible the two declarations of Constitutional Monarchy and the Liberation War reflects not only a maturity of having being tested for so many years but also a heritage which will be a foundation for our future. The Turkish Revolutionary Movement, besides being based on our national realities, has been nourished, in the course of history, by international sources as well, by means of making use of the experiences of the French Revolution, the Populist Movement and the Soviet Revolution and has provided a model for the whole Oppressed World. The tradition of Turkish Revolution, in this sense, is both national and international

The Turkish Revolutionary Nationalism which became more pronounced at the end of the 19th Century is not imperialistic like that of the French and the British, but aims at independence and advocates living harmoniously together with other nations; it is not individualistic but socialistic; it is not supportive of private interests but of public interests; it does not stand for decentralization but centralization.

Our Populist Programme, our 1921 and 1924 Constitutions, the basic programmes and policies of the 1920ies and 1930ies have crystallized within this tradition and they make up our great historic heritage which illuminates our future. These fundamental principles were summarized as Nationalism, Republicanism, Populism, Secularism and Revolutionism in 1930ies by Kemal Atatürk and found written expression in the 1937 Constitution as such.

Rising Civilization
Our people, progressing on this revolutionary route, has made possible, under the leadership of Atatürk, the great achievement which is called “the Turkish Miracle”. The new civilization rising from Asia today, as it is acclaimed by the whole world, is the outcome of independent national states and the creation of a socio-economic model which emphasizes the public sector.

Latin American countries have also been showing an effort to break away from the control of imperialist centres in the recent years. They have been taking important steps towards independence, populism, public welfare and enlightenment, while the countries controlled by imperialism have been experiencing collapse and disaster.

We have reached the end of the global imperialist aggression called neo-liberalism. In the world of the oppressed and developing countries, a tendency towards independence and populism is once more on the rise. Turkey, with its historical heritage inherited from the great empires in its past and the Turkish Revolution, will take its place among the leading countries to bring about this great solution.

Under the present regime of Islamic and Mafioso relations controlled from Washington, we have come to the point of losing everything we have got, including our territorial integrity. If the Turkish people do not overthrow this regime, these people in power at present will be overthrowing our Republic.

At the present moment, the strongholds of our Republic have already been greatly destroyed. It is not possible to resist these threats which have become increasingly graver with the present institutions and relations. Turkey can only overcome them by restructuring and reorganizing the institutions of the Kemalist Revolution and the society. For this reason, the issue we are face to face with is re-establishing the Republic, not maintaining it. 

The Crucial Issue of a National Government
The whole issue is to form a new parliament and government which will reorganize our independent national state on the basis of populism. 

The Historic Organizational Model 
Not only the program but also the successful organizational model of the Turkish Revolution will need be used in order to be able to set up a national government. The generations symbolized by Namık Kemals, Talat Pashas, Mustafa Kemal Atatürks have created a vanguard party model, through extensive experience. The tradition of organization represented by the Young Turks, The Unity and Progress Party (İttihat ve Terakki Partisi) and the Defence of Law Party (Müdafai Hukuk Partisi) and the socialist parties has been the driving force of all the great leaps forward, that took place in Turkey in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

It has always been this tradition which has appeared on the historic scene at dead ends, which has, under the guidance of scientific thought, created examples of great sacrifice and heroism and which has mobilized all the potential of our nation and opened prospects for the future.

Time is Pressing
The people who define themselves as a part of this vanguard tradition in Turkey, represent today the great heritage which will also play a leading role for our nation in the future. However, they are scattered in diverse political parties and organizations or do not belong to any organization. It is an immediate task to unite them inside the same vanguard organization, that is to say, in the same political party, as the aim of founding a national government requires.

Taking into consideration that the USA has been organizing presumptuous operations such as “Challenge 2000” to invade our beloved country and publishing maps which show our country partitioned, in the USA Military Journal, it is obvious that time is pressing. The vanguards of Turkey have to use every hour, every second extraordinarily dynamically and never to lose their target of coming to power.

We have to surpass the practice of the founding associations which function under the names of “Kuvayi Milliye”, “Müdafaai Hukuk” . “Patriotic” , “Nationalist”, “Kemalist”, “on the footsteps of Atatürk”,” etc

Secondly, we have to surpass the fact that we have been scattered into diverse parties. The vanguards who have inherited the tradition of Namık Kemal- Talat Pasha- Atatürk and the socialist heritage which also has its roots inside the Turkish Revolution are face to face with a historical task. The foremost step to take for this task is to unite within the Patriotic Party, in order to complete the Kemalist Revolution. It is only the Patriotic Party which has been reproducing and putting into practice, the scientific nature, the honour, the self-sacrifice and the courage of this vanguard heritage of Turkey which has accumulated throughout many centuries in countless experiences.

The Patriotic Party is going to mobilize all our people from Edirne to Kars around the National Program and will found the independent, populist, enlightened, and revolutionary Turkey of the 21st century, in order to be able to live, in Nazım Hikmet’s words, “as independent and free as a tree and in such brotherly harmony as in a forest”.


1. Completing the Kemalist Revolution
The aim of the National Government is to complete the Kemalist Revolution, to restructure the national state on the basis of independence and populism; to form a free, enlightened, modern and wealthy society. The Constitution of the Turkish Republic will be rewritten on the basis of the above principles.

2. People’s Rule
The source of political power is the people. On all levels, from the smallest administrative unit, the village and the urban district to the National Parliament, people’s rule will be established, with all its social, economic and cultural conditions.

The laws regulating political life, parties and the elections will be redesigned and equality between the political parties will be established. The provisions obstructing development will be cancelled. The financial aid extended by the state to the political parties will be stopped.

3. Terminating US Control and EU Accession Candidacy
Turkey will be governed from Turkey. Foreign control and intervention over Turkey will be eliminated with all its foundations. The national state, which is the only political framework of progressing towards welfare and liberation, will be defended against the global aggression of imperialism.

The EU membership process which has chained Turkey on the threshold of Europe and has liquidated our national state and the Atatürk Revolution, will be terminated. Agreements which have revived the Sévres Agreement dividing up Anatolia among the imperialist powers, such as the Accession Partnership Protocol, EU Association Agreement, the Negotiating Framework will be cancelled and Turkey will withdraw from the Custom’s Union

4. Unity of the People
“The people of Turkey who founded the Turkish Republic are called the Turkish Nation”. The people of Turkey, victorious in the Liberation War, founded the Republic and formed the Turkish nation through revolution. It is an obligation for the National Government to Consolidate our national unity which is founded upon the will and the action of establishing the Republic, ties of equal citizenship, a common national culture and a wish to live together and to advance the process of different ethnicities merging into each other, in order to liberate the nation.

5. Territorial Integrity and Equality among Regions 
Turkey is a unitary state, it may never be partitioned, or divided into federations. People’s awareness of the merits of the Republic, the elimination of all Mediaeval relations and forces and the establishment of equality among different regions of the country constitute the guarantee of this unitary state.

The National Government will give priority to the backward regions of our country in public investments and services and will allot special funds from the national budget to these regions for rapid development.

6. Putting an End to Imperialist Intervention in the Kurdish Question
The Kurdish Question, in view of democratic rights and freedoms, has been basically solved. The main task that remains, in order to secure domestic peace, unity and fraternity, is to get together and resist imperialist intervention.

The policies to pursue and the tasks to undertake for this purpose are:

-Winning our citizens of Kurdish origin over to the front of national unity and advancing the revolutionary culture of the Republic,

-Putting an end to unemployment and contributing to the welfare of the people in the backward regions and accomplishing a full development,

-Conducting a land reform to eliminate all the landlords, the sheikhs and tribe chiefs and distributing the land which belongs to the Treasury and which has been cleared of land mines to the poor peasants,

-Resolute and extensive struggle against separatist terrorist activities .

-The withdrawal of the occupational forces in Iraq and establishing the unification of Iraq,

-Regional alliance with Syria, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

7. Secularism as a Prerequisite of National Sovereignty
Secularism is a condition of national sovereignty and people’s rule and will be exercised with the same content as it appears in democratic revolutions. The source of regency is not divine, as has been claimed by monarchs, sultans and sheikhs, for thousands of years. Power belongs only to the people. Religion is a matter of conscience. Worldly issues will be regulated on the basis of the independence of the state, the sovereignty of the nation, the unity of the country and the happiness of the people. Turkey cannot be the seat of sheikhs, their disciples, dervishes and religious fanatics. It will not be permitted that our citizens of the Alawi faith be treated as a minority group.

Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of believing and not believing in any religious faith, of forming any opinion or belief. Everybody can freely exercise his/her religion as s/he wishes. The places of worship which answer people’s religious needs cannot be closed down. Nobody will be forced to participate in religious services or ceremonies, carry out religious orders or disclose her/his faith or opinion.

Information on religion will be given in philosophy, history and sociology lessons. The contributions made by Turkish and Muslim civilizations established after the revolution of civilization led by the Prophet Mohammed, to establishing a state, to science, to public works and to civilization in general will be specially emphasized.

Christian missionary activities will not be permitted. The Christian Orthodox Patriarchy in Fener, İstanbul will not definitely be allowed to declare itself ecumenical (universal). Imperialist practices such as “Dialogue among religions” will not be permitted.

8. Laws of the Kemalist Revolution will be Enacted
The National Government will resolutely enforce the laws of the Kemalist Revolution and will further develop, to the benefit of the people, all the achievements of the Revolution concerning independence, democracy and enlightenment, such as the abolishment of the Sultanate and the Caliphate; the closing down of the Islamic lodges of all kinds; the abolishment of landlordism and all other feudal titles of seniority along with the social positions they held; the acceptance and practice of the Latin alphabet; secularism and the popularisation of the language. All these will be considered as the historically accumulated wealth which the modern society has inherited and will make use of, accordingly.

9. Strong State Backed by People
The authority of the state will be consolidated by the support of the people on all levels and in all areas and through judiciary reforms. The state will be recovered from the hands of racketeers and corrupt bureaucrats. The state will no longer be a weak and helpless state which impoverishes people but a strong state which aids the poor and the helpless. Destructive attitudes towards the Republic, separatism, terror, illegal activities and insurgence will not be tolerated and a peaceful atmosphere will be created for the people who will place their trust in their state. NGO’s and similar institutions will not be permitted to accept funds from foreign states and institutions and they will not be allowed to shatter the national state and the territorial integrity of the country. 

10. Simple, Inexpensive, Open, Fast and Effective Government
The National Government will simplify and speed up governing, reduce the number of laws and simplify them and public service will cost people much less. The people will have a much more efficient government, in other words, it will provide work and services for the people. The ineffective, unproductive, corrupt, expensive method of governing which leads to waste of time, effort and resources will be reformed. Enterprises belonging to the people will be encouraged, institutions securing people’s control will be created and developed.

A central government which effectively protects the unity of the nation, the integrity of the national territory and enterprising local people who have been liberated from Mediaeval practices complement one another. Local municipalities will be supported on this basis and they will be furnished with more and broader resources.

The police will be reorganized so that they will establish better and stronger ties with the people and they will become more respectable in the eyes of the people. They will have better working and living conditions.

11. The Judiciary
The clause in article 90 of the Turkish Constitution which puts international agreements above national ones and other Constitutional and legal amendments and bilateral agreements concerning international arbitration which rule out national laws will be abolished. It will not be permitted that the verdicts passed by international arbitrators concerning the investments and commercial transactions by foreign investors be against the requirements of the national economy, national security, public order and public health. Legal verdicts on foreign investments will be given by national courts, verdicts passed by international arbitrators will be subject to judicial control.

12. Judicial Reform
The judicial system and the enforcement of sentences will be radically reformed. The practice of law-suits taking years to conclude causing a loss of faith in justice on the part of the people will be discontinued. The legal process will be speeded up and justice will be effective. The infrastructure needed will be constructed. 

All obstructions in the way of independent judiciary will be removed.

Prisons will no longer be places of hardship and torment for the families of the prisoners. They will be transformed into reformative institutions aiming at winning over the prisoner back to society.

The main concern of the security forces will be prevention of crime and a judicial police force will be established.

Obstructions against the right of defence will be cleared, defence will be strengthened, defence and prosecution will be equal in strength.

Exercise of Jurisdiction will no longer be on a personal basis. Everybody will be tried according to his/her crime in a court fitting his/her crime. All practices against the principle of equality before law will be discontinued. Immunity from prosecution exercised by the MP’s will be amended and transformed into political immunity.


13. “Peace in the Country Peace in the World”

The National Government will follow the foreign policy of peaceful cooperation on the basis of mutual respect for equality, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity of the national state on the basis of non-interference and mutual interest, and will practice Atatürk’s principle of “Peace in the country, Peace in the World.”

14. Deterrent National Defence
A deterrent National Defence policy will be established against the threats posed against Turkey via Northern Iraq, Cyprus and the Aegean Sea internationally and by means of separatist and reactionary activities domestically, which have been legitimized as so-called human rights. The ties between the Armed Forces and the people will be strengthened and the equipment of the Armed Forces will be improved. The attempts for a “professional army” suggested over the Atlantic will be prevented, the democratic principle of military service for everyone will be continued. The National Defence Industry will be developed to meet Turkey’s needs of unaffiliated defence.

15. Foreign Bases and Forces will not be Permitted on Turkish Territory
Foreign military bases and forces will not be permitted on Turkish territory and bilateral agreements which threaten our security and our neighbours will be withdrawn. Turkey will withdraw from NATO and will not participate in any military pacts.

16. Rejecting US’s “Greater Middle East Project”
The National Government will not take part in any intervention and aggression of the US aiming at our region and Eurasia and will cooperate with the countries of the region and the world for the prevention of the “Greater Middle East Project”.

17. Regional Alliance 
The National Government will establish a regional alliance with Syria, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in order to prevent foreign intervention and terror, to establish security and peace and to develop the region. Besides the Southern neighbours of Turkey, institutions of cooperation will be established in all fields with the countries surrounding the Black Sea, the countries in the Caucasus and the Balkans. Common customs regions will be established, common energy and transportation projects will be undertaken, agreements to prevent double taxation will be made, common investment and development banks will be established, systems to encourage regional trade will be developed and cooperation will be established in the fields of science, technology, culture and education.

18. Cooperation and Alliance in Eurasia
Turkey will strengthen its cooperation and solidarity with all the Eurasian countries, especially with Russia, the People’s Republic of China, India and Pakistan. Turkey will take its independent place within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Thus, conditions for the normalization of relations between Turkey and USA, EU and for establishing new relations on the basis of mutual interest will be created.

19. Unification of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Turkey
The US plans of a unified Cyprus are artificial and serve imperialist aims. Neither a nation of Cypriots exists nor is there any other foundation for a “Unified Cyprus”. The unification of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Turkey is to the benefit of not only both of the communities in Cyprus but also of the peoples of Greece and Turkey and is the best solution for world peace. The National Government will put into practice the unification of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Turkey step by step, with the support of the countries of the region and of Eurasia. The military presence or military bases of any other country or group of countries besides Greece and Turkey cannot be accepted. 

20. Putting an End to the Falsification of Armenian Genocide
The National Government will conduct a comprehensive struggle especially in the US and the EU against the falsification of Armenian Genocide made up for imperialist purposes. By mobilizing the five million Turks living in foreign countries, besides the official undertakings of the Turkish State, it will be seen that the resolutions taken by parliaments concerning Armenian Genocide are withdrawn.

21. Territorial Integrity of Azerbaijan
Every endeavor will be shown to force Armenia to withdraw from the Azerbaijani territory it has occupied and the necessary diplomatic motions will be made decisively for this purpose.


22. An Economy of National Resistance

The primary issue in economy is the welfare of the people. An economy of national resistance against foreign and domestic forces threatening our country will be structured. The nature and the natural resources of the country will receive the due care and inequality among different regions will be solved.

23. Mixed Economy
With the dynamic participation of the private sector, a policy of mixed economy led by the public sector will be adopted. The guiding principle of the harmony between the leading element of the economy, the public sector and the energetic private sector is what the people need and what the national economy requires. 

24. Planning
The State Planning Institute will be reorganized in order to use the country’s resources effectively and productively for the needs of the people. Five-year general plans and annual special development plans will be put into practice. While relations between the public sector which is the leading element of the economy and the market mechanisms are being organized, special attention will be attached to the encouragement of work and production, effective functioning of the economy and that production and services should answer the actual needs of the people.

25. Deferment of Domestic Debts
State Securities or Treasury Bonds, the repayment of which are due within 10 years will be rescheduled; the three-month, six-month and annual interest payments will be deferred and the repayment of the principal capital and of the interests will be tied to a new and just payment arrangement. The repayments to the small savers will be carried out on a regular basis. In this way, the state will be saved from the incurable disease of borrowing and paying high rates of interest On the other hand, public resources will be used to put into practice extensive investment plans, to increase production and to open new areas of employment. 

26. A New Payment Schedule for Foreign Debts
By means of consultation with the creditor countries and institutions, a new schedule of repayment of the principal amounts of debt and the interests will be agreed upon. It will be seen that this new schedule which will be extended over a period of time, will not damage the development potential of the Turkish economy. In connection with the repayment of debts, the rate of annual exports will not be surpassed. This rate will be determined according to the foreign currency needed for the imports.

27. No Further Cooperation with the IMF
The policies forced by the IMF, which cancel financial aids to agricultural production, the customs, the Public Economic Enterprises and the state control over monetary movements in and out of the country will be discontinued.

28. Turkish Currency under Turkish Flag
The Central Bank of Turkey will be strengthened.
Movement of capital in and out of Turkey and short-term monetary movements will be taken under control in order to put an end to the supremacy of the US Dollar and the Euro and to encourage the unrivalled circulation of the Turkish currency in the national market. New resolutions will be taken in connection with article no. 1567 of the Protection of the Value of the Turkish Currency Act and new Central Bank statements will be issued to regain the authorization passed over to other authorities and new regulations will be introduced. Transactions or agreements on the basis of foreign currency will be subject to permission and will be taken under control and the capacity of the banks to get foreign currency loans and their foreign exchange availability will be limited. All the foreign currency accounts will be transferred to Turkish currency accounts and the foreign exchange bureaus will be closed down.

29. The İstanbul Stock Exchange Market (ISEM) will be Redesigned and Commodity Exchange Markets will be Established
The present operations of the ISEM which do not contribute to investment, production and to the productivity of the economy and which, on the contrary, give rise to wasting country’s resources and deceiving the owners of small capital and also to eliciting illegal income and the most important of all, to transfer of funds to foreign countries by means of imperialistic monetary operations will be stopped. A new system will be designed in connection with the securities in operation on the market and the authority and the responsibility of the Stock Exchange Board will be redefined.

The contribution of the Commodity Exchange Markets to the effective functioning of the economy will be encouraged. World Hazelnut and Apricot markets will be established in Turkey.

30. Putting and End to Usury and Establishing Productive and National Banking for the Good of the People
Foreign capital will not be allowed in banking and the banking sector will be nationalized.

In order for the state to direct the economy to public good, to put the national plan into practice, to stop usury and to achieve a just distribution of income, the banking and loan system will be made use of extensively and will be reformed. As a means of fast development, specialized public banks, development banks and investment banks will be established. State-owned banks will be strengthened. Special methods of funding will be made use of, to develop cooperatives. The funds belonging to the Treasury, the Public Economic Enterprises (PEE) and the local municipal administrations will be deposited into public banks.

In order to encourage economizing, to increase production, to give priority to central planning, to be able to establish a just distribution of income, an effective interest policy will be put into practice.

The functioning of monopolist capital banking will be discontinued and the control of banking by certain capitalist groups and the integration of banks with commercial and industrial holdings will not be allowed. All precautions will be taken for this purpose, including nationalization.

31. Demanding Accountability of Sources of Wealth
Making the necessary alterations in the Foreign Exchange and Customs legislation, the Banking Law and the Revenue Law, the Law Concerning Money Laundering and the Law no. 4422, concerning Fight Against Criminal Organizations for Personal Interest, the incentives which do not serve the national economy will be cut and the above laws will be firmly enforced. For this purpose, high ranking officials will be put under the obligation of making a statement about the sources of their wealth. All wealth accumulated as a result of illicit trading of drugs, arms and nuclear equipment will be confiscated. All income derived from racketeering, illegal handling of bank funds, bribing and all types of corruption will be confiscated and turned into a public fund and those who are responsible for such crimes will get a severe and fast punishment.

32. Tax Reform
The tax legislation will be reformed according to the needs of the Turkish economy and international standards, so as to lift the heavy burden of direct and indirect taxation on the low and fixed income groups, on the tradesmen and artisans. The revenue loss and leaks will be restored, the cases of exemption from taxation and exceptions will be reviewed , a just distribution of taxation will be secured and the revenue laws will be simplified. It will be taken under legal legislation that the economic transactions are mainly carried out with personal stock, and the bearer debentures and the transactions thereby will be limited. The discontinued practice of “Statement of wealth and expenditure” will be put into practice again.

The offices of tax administration will be strengthened, the personal rights of the staff, in this context, will be improved and they will be equipped with better job security measures. The tax administration will be given sufficient space to work in and the necessary equipment. Tax archives will be completed. The tax administration will gain a new dynamism to be able to effectively follow up the tax cases. 

The disorganization prevalent in tax auditing will be corrected, it will be strengthened and made autonomous. For this purpose, all tax auditing will be gathered under the same organization and will be protected from arbitrary intervention. 

33. Foreign Capital Contributing to National Economy
The circulation and activity of foreign capital will be allowed on the condition of whether it contributes to the development of the national economy.

34. Industrialization Extending all over the Country
With a fast and effective investment program, factories will be extended all over the country and in five years, unemployment will fall to very low levels. ‘PEE’s will play a leading role in founding a national economy which answers the needs of the people, uses advanced technology, produces high-quality goods and competes with foreign firms. Private sector investments compatible with national interests will be encouraged. Industrial enterprises which process agricultural goods will be encouraged to procure a harmonious development of both agriculture and industry.

The policy of incentives which enrich private companies and the mafia will be discontinued and the public funds will primarily be used in public investments, public services and for the development of agriculture and industry.

The industrial establishments which produce intermediate goods and investment goods and small scale industry will be developed, will be furnished with new technology and with the support given to small and medium scale industrial establishments, the domestic market will be expanded and our economy will be protected from dependence on foreign capital.

35. No More Privatization but Increasing Productivity of ‘PEE’s 
All the transactions within the context of privatization will be stopped immediately. The PEEs to be privatized or have been privatized or the partnership scheme has been partially or completely altered so as to hand it over to foreign capital, its collaborators or to Turkish capital or have been shared with the above will be nationalized again. All the transactions in connection with privatization will be subject to investigation.

In order to increase the productivity of the PEEs and their subsidiaries, the funds needed will be allocated from the budget and the State Investment Bank will be founded again.

The principles of national interest, increase in production and employment, productivity and low prices will be taken as fundamentals. The goods produced to answer the requirements of food, clothing and warming up of the low income group of people will be taken to their doorstep by means of chain stores. However, other goods will appear on the market with prices determined by the market and the transfer of state funds will be stopped. The services which provide cultural and social benefits to the employees of the PEEs will be developed.

36. Supporting Agriculture and Education
The aim in agriculture is to raise the standards of the peasants and to put an end to all kinds of dependence, in order to make Turkey, once more, the self sufficient country that it used to be, in the areas of production of foodstuff , clothing and manure and raising studs; and to raise the living standards of the producers and to provide maximum benefit for exports. For this purpose, the impositions of the IMF, the EU, the WTO etc. will be refused and agriculture will be supported. The agricultural farmers, stock farmers and fishermen will be extended low-interest loans, low-price petrol, manure, chemicals, equipment and low price and good quality seeds and studs. The necessary precautions will be taken to secure the best handling of agricultural aids and loans. The base prices announced for agricultural products will be high enough to encourage the farmers. The payments due to the producers will be paid in time, by the cooperatives and the state. The policies of extending aid to agriculture will be announced one year in advance. The import of agricultural goods such as cotton, vegetable oil, tobacco, sugar and animal products will not be allowed and the homebred production will be encouraged.

An effective and efficient marketing system will be organized via public means and cooperatives to help the producers of agricultural products get their efforts’ worth and the consumers attain foodstuff at reasonable prices. Poor and middle-class peasants will be helped out of their debts to the banks and money lenders and mortgages will be cancelled. All democratic rights, such as social security and union membership will be given to the agricultural workers .

The living expenses of peasants who cannot cultivate their land due to old age, disability and sickness, of widows and orphans, will be provided by the state and they will be cared for.

Institutions needed to train the farmers will be founded and their equipment will be provided by the state.

Production through biotechnology and similar means in agriculture will be practiced only in limited areas by national companies under state control. Agricultural areas and products will be protected from genetic pollution caused by foreign investments. Research and development activities will be undertaken only and strictly by companies with national capital supported by the state.

37. Productivity as a Management criterion and Fast Completion of Cadastre Records
All legal and economic precautions will be taken so that the criterion of the management of cultivatable lands will be productivity and cooperatives will be supported for this aim.

The cadastre activity on the agricultural land in the villages will be completed very fast and the past land sales carried out with village ownership documents will be recorded in the land registry office documents.

38. Land Reform with the Aim of Erasing the Remnants of the Mediaeval Society
A land reform will be conducted in order to radically put an end to feudal social relations which still dominate certain regions of our country, such as landlordism, tribal relations, sheikhdom and usury and to liberate the peasants by allotting them land; in order to overcome poverty; to consolidate the unity of the country; to modernize agricultural production; to increase productivity; to protect our natural resources, primarily the forests and the water resources. Middle-class and wealthy peasants will be allowed to possess land. The land reform will be practiced with the help of Village Councils formed under public control.

All the land or property, whether or not recorded, known to be in the possession of chiefs, begs, landlords or sheikhs on the basis of a document, a decree or as the outcome of social tradition or custom, all land belonging to the Treasury and all the land cleared of land mines will be distributed, free of cost, among the poor peasants possessing no or little land and these peasants will be handed the title deeds of their land.

The lakes, rivers and meadows within the boundaries of any village is the common property of the villagers. The state will not permit them to be used for private purposes other than for the common interest of the peasants.

39. 2B rated Land Belongs to the People and the Peasants Inhabiting Villages Nearby Forests
The land which has been decided no longer to be carrying the qualifications of a forest, according to Act 6831, article 2B will be allotted to the peasants living nearby that forest, as a meadow or for cultivation or to set up accommodation. The land which has been already turned into a residential area will be handed over to the corporate legal person of the village, district or province. For this purpose, the definition of a public residential area will be scientifically made and building development schemes to fight unsanitary living conditions will be made for the conditions of flood, earthquake and landslide . Measures will be taken against loss of forests and new areas turning into 2B rated land. In the cases of illegal occupation and allotment of land, the land will be confiscated. The management of state-owned forests will be conducted by the state itself using eco-system functions.

Special care will be given to the development and improvement of the mountain and forest villages by means of multi-purpose cooperatives. 

40. Sale of Land and Property to Foreigners will not be Allowed 
Laws which permit property and land sales to foreigners will be abolished.

41. Cooperativising Agriculture and Public Services
Act No. 4572 concerning Cooperatives and Associations for Agricultural Product Sales will be rewritten and the clauses preventing the State from supporting agricultural cooperatives and farmers’ organizations will be cancelled. Organizing in cooperatives will be encouraged. All arrangements concerning cooperatives will be brought together in a single act.

Machinery, vehicles, tractors, chemicals, manure, grain, seeds and loans needed especially by the agricultural cooperatives will be provided, in order to take, altogether as a community, such measures as to increase productivity and to develop agriculture for the betterment of the agricultural land, prevention of erosion, opening up of new lands to agriculture, embroidering the mountains with olive and fruit trees, terracing the land, constructing water canals and dams, betterment of livestock breeding, modernizing fishery and the maintenance of nature and forests.

Irrigation, services for land concentration and improving the fields and completing the construction of the agricultural and rural infrastructure are all tasks that should be carried out by the State. The Department of Village Services, the Water Authority, the Department of Agricultural Reforms will be duly equipped and will be put into the service of agriculture.

Public Administration concerning agriculture will be restructured and the institutions such as the Agricultural Combat Institute, Land and Waterworks, Food Department, Department of Veterinary Services, Department of Agricultural Services, Institution of Agricultural Equipment, Milk Production Institute, Meat and Fish Institute, Soil Products Office, State Monopoly on Spirits and Tobacco, The Feed Grain Industry, which have been either closed down or privatized will be reorganized with the aim of serving the farmers and the agricultural producer will be saved from unjust treatment in the market. The Agricultural Bank will be restructured with the task of extending agricultural loans to the farmers and improving agriculture and the industry dependent on agriculture. It will also be supplied with bigger financial resources. 

Atatürk’s farms, Agricultural Complexes, State Livestock Production Farms, Agricultural State Enterprises, and the Agricultural Research Department will be restructured in the service of agriculture.

42. Products producible in Turkey will not be Imported
The import of the products producible in Turkey, of luxury consumption goods, and of substitution goods will be discontinued and the agricultural and industrial producers will be given support in order to raise the quantity and quality of production. Import will be subordinate to the national economy, the increase of national production, the development of national technology, the satisfaction of people’s needs and the needs of national defence.

The National Government, struggling on all levels to change the structuring of the World Trade Organization which is based on inequality and to render ineffectual its arrangements which hinder our financial institutions, our agriculture, and our small scale industrial enterprises, will cooperate with other developing countries.

43. Turkish Tradesmen and Artisans Working in Turkey
The formulations concerning incentives given to foreign capital will be reviewed and the Turkish merchants, artisans and tradesmen will be protected against their foreign counterparts. Foreign hypermarkets and supermarkets will be nationalized. The national supermarkets will be located outside the city.

In order to make use of the accumulated experience of production and services of the Turkish society and to expand the employment capacity, the tax burden on the tradesmen, artisans and small scale enterprises will be alleviated; small and medium size enterprises will be supported.

44. Public Services will be given by Public Institutions
The dissolution of public services in the name of “reducing the state” and the privatization of municipal services will be discontinued. Public services will be given with the hands of the public. Village services will be strengthened with fresh financial resources. Public institutions undertaking the construction of public buildings and public services will be reorganized. The resources which have been channelled to unjust private gains, extravagance and bribes will thus be transformed into a public resource to be utilized for the welfare of the people.

45. Public Ownership in the Generation, Transfer and Distribution of Energy
The generation, transfer and distribution of energy will be carried out by means of public institutions. The energy transfer network will be amended and the losses will be diminished. By passing an Energy Productivity Law and also by other means, extravagant use of electricity will not be permitted. Priority will be given to the national-natural energy resources; dependence on imported fossil fuel will be reduced to a minimum; clean and renewable resources such as the sun, wind, bio-energy and thermal heat will be utilized. Nuclear energy production and technology, launched independently, will be developed with maximum care towards security and environmental damage.

46. Public Transportation based on Railways and Sea Routes
A public transportation policy which makes use of the geographic facilities of our country, which does not waste the country’s resources, which is inexpensive and safe will be pursued. Instead of following a policy of support for foreign automotive industry and wasting billions of US dollars on highways by giving precedence to highway routes, railways and sea routes will be improved and cheapened. The traffic chaos of the capitalist system, loss of lives and wealth and environmental pollution will thus be prevented

The National Government will continue building railways just as it was done in the first years of the Republic. The railway transportation which has been neglected for years will be developed, new investments will be made on them, new railways will be built, the old ones will be improved using new technological developments. Investments concerning the use of electric power in railway transportation will be promoted. Other railway equipment such as engines, wagons and the like will be manufactured domestically.

The use of sea routes will be encouraged and promoted in our country which is surrounded by seas on three sides. New ports will be built and developed by the state. The ports which have been privatized will be nationalized and will be managed by the state. Our ports will be equipped with container terminals and other equipment suitable for international transportation. Shipyards sufficiently equipped for building ships to navigate in international waters will be constructed, a fleet of commercial ships will be formed to compete worldwide. Ports will be built for human and commercial transportation in dam ponds and natural lakes and their connections on land will be provided with railways.

Transportation by airways will also be developed.

47. Investment on Nature, History and Health in Tourism
The national Government will make use of Turkey’s climate which enjoys four seasons at the same time. It will also regard its heritage of many civilizations as a source of economic development and wealth for our people and humanity; the management of the tourism sector will be reclaimed from the foreign companies and the state will support the national companies. Foreign companies will not be allowed to work illegally. The historical and natural wealth of Turkey, its health resources such as baths and hot springs, its coasts and its sporting facilities will serve the national economy. The construction of high-rise buildings under the pretext of touristic need, which has resulted in the destruction of forests and agricultural land will not be allowed.

48. Natural Resources and Mines
The natural resources which have strategic importance for the national economy and for Turkey’s defence and strategically important minerals such as borax, trona, uranium and thorium will be exploited by the state. The permits issued and the privileges given to foreign companies will be reviewed and those against national interests will be withdrawn.

A campaign will be launched to discover new natural resources and assess their quality and economic value and to determine the management technology needed, the methods of maintenance and enrichment. New institutions will be established for the purpose and the Mineral Search and Research Institute will be developed.

Turkey’s rights on the natural resources in its continental shelf will be protected against all intervention. All facilities will be exploited to acquire information and to develop technology for conducting research on the natural resources in the sea. Attempts by foreign powers to intervene and to control will not be permitted.

49. Coasts, Forests, Waters and Historical Wealth
Natural and historical wealth belong to the public. Coasts, forests, national parks, the wealth of plant species, wild life and cultural treasures will be protected. Concessions from the system which envisages their public ownership will not be allowed. These assets will be saved from the destruction caused by private interest and will be used for the common good. The coasts will be open to the people. An extensive campaign will be carried out with the effective and voluntary participation of the people, the youth and the Turkish Armed Forces to prevent erosion and to afforest the land.

50. Fight against Unearned Incomes, Building Humane Cities
The National Government will change the sickly urban development caused by capitalism with radical and planned practices and will put into practice new projects and plans which will take into consideration nature and the people as the prime factors. The necessary transformations which will protect the people from earthquakes, floods, landslides and fire will be put into practice. The “international integration projects” which will turn our main cities into the garbage disposal areas of imperialist metropols will not be permitted.

The unearned incomes created in the cities will be returned to their sources. Land belonging to the Treasury will be used for the welfare of the people and with all these measures, the conditions of a humane, healthy, comfortable and harmonious urban life with no traffic problems and good municipal services will be created.

Villages and small units of settlement will be made attractive for the people so that crowding in big cities will be prevented. Setting up industrial plants on productive agricultural land and constructing massive cement buildings out of harmony with the environment will not be permitted and the cities and industrial centres will be established in the areas where the soil is not fit for agriculture.

The target is the realization of comfortable cities the population of which does not exceed a few hundred thousand, where there is strong solidarity among the people, which is close to nature, where social services can easily reach the people and the cultural life is dynamic and colourful, the opportunities of participation in the political life is highly developed and which is convenient for the practices of direct democracy. 

The structure of the present transportation system which brings the whole life to a standstill and leads to a waste of energy and time each day and brings frustration to people will be changed. The massive state aid to the automotive industry will be stopped and mass transportation projects including underground and on-ground railway systems will be developed.

The prices of public services such as transportation, electricity and heating will be lreduced in due course and will ultimately be free of charge.

The National Government will pull down the massive buildings on the banks of the Bosphorous and will turn this unique piece of nature into an area which the people can enjoy.

Atatürk’s Farm will be returned to its real owners, the people. 

51. Development in Harmony with Nature
It will not be permitted that private interest ruin our waters, coasts, land and our living conditions. It will be given special attention that the human factor and nature live harmoniously.

52. Technological Leap Forward
A technological leap will be created in order to put and end to dependence on foreign economies, to create an economy empowered by national sources and production, to raise our competitive capacity, to create a high added value, to increase the rate of development, the overall development and the national security industry. Taking the motto, “the greatest productive force is man” as the starting point, it will not be allowed that the obstructive mechanisms of the market enslave knowledge and it will be put to general and free use. Our human resources will go through a planned development and will be used efficiently. Scientific and technological research and development will have precedence.

53. Full Use of Country’s Labour Capacity 
Labour will be liberated and the country’s human resources will be fully utilized so as to achieve an economic, social and technological development and peace at home. The state will cooperate with the municipal administrations, cooperatives and other social organizations to undertake such labour-intensive tasks as preparing new areas for agriculture, upgrading the existing agricultural areas, terracing, irrigation, making use of the mountains, expanding the forests, protecting the seas and rivers and developing the fishery products, putting the scenic beauties to general use, developing the tourism industry, constructing new routes, ports and dams and will thus employ millions of unemployed people. This will not only supply them with income, it will also increase production, improve the services and the public welfare.

54. Satisfactory Wages, Salaries and Floor Prices
By raising the product floor prices, the workers’ wages, the incomes of the small-scale shop owners and artisans, the salaries of the working and retired officials, the government will increase the domestic demand and the social welfare. Everybody will get free health services and education, a healthy home, secure and fast transportation and cultural and artistic opportunities through right social policies and will enjoy social welfare. The industry will function in full capacity and the conditions of mobilizing agricultural resources will be created.


55. Everybody is entitled to a Healthy and Secure Home

The National Government will provide a healthy, secure and quake-resistant home for everyone in which they will be able to live in civilized conditions. For this purpose, construction of dwellings will be planned and cooperatives for the purpose will be encouraged. The planning of every new investment will take into consideration the demand it will create for new homes.

56. Free and Good Quality Health Services
All citizens will be embraced by a social security service. 

Equality will be established on all levels in health services and everybody will be given good quality health service. The health service will become free in two years’ time and it will be reorganized on the basis of offices, districts, villages and schools and will be offered to people at their doorstep. Turkey possesses the potential to achieve all these.

The present social security institutions will be saved from collapse, a satisfactory number of doctors and nurses will be employed and the necessary equipment will be provided. The sums owed to these institutions by private companies will be immediately collected.

The present system which sacrifices people’s health to the market and considers the patients as customers and increases their numbers will be changed. Precedence will be given not to profit but to preventive measures. People will be informed about how to keep healthy, through campaigns.

There will be active participation of both the medical personnel and the receivers of the health service in the process of planning, practicing and control of the health service. Within this context, the problems of the doctors and other medical personnel will also be solved.

57. Cheap and Good Quality Medicament for People
Social security institutions and people will be supplied with cheap and good quality medicament. The National Government will protect and support the national Pharmaceutical industry against the foreign monopolies. Pharmaceutical research will be supported and developed. In line with the needs of national security, the 100 basic items of medicament and inoculation will be produced in Turkey. The drugs producible in Turkey will not be imported. Those imported will be strictly controlled by means of permits.

Unhealthy and unnecessary consumption of drugs will no longer be encouraged and the people will be informed in this respect.

58. The Right of Employment and Job Security
Man’s primary right is the right to live and make a living. The National Government will supply each individual with a job suitable for his/her qualities, Nobody will be made redundant because of his/her political convictions, faith, race, or sex. Forced labour will not be permitted. There will be equal pay for equal work.

59. Work Hours and the Right of Leave
A Work week is 40 hours. This will be shorter in connection with hard or underground labour. Every working person will have the right to take one month of paid leave in the minimum. The national Government will provide its citizens with the opportunity of rest, entertainment, participation in politics, cultural, artistic and other activities and developing his/her personal skills.

60. Healthy Working Conditions
Precedence will be given to workers’ health and safety of life in their work environment. In factories and establishments, health conditions will be met. Under the circumstances of possible hostile effects on human life, protective and preventive precautions will be taken. The working conditions of women and children will be given special attention.

61. Rights of Working People
All the laws concerning the work life, including the Employment Act (Act. No.4857), Government Officials Act (No. 657) and the decree law concerning contract personnel, will be amended and the basic rights of wage-earners and government employees will be put into practice. Strike for rights which is at present legally not observed will be recognized and lock-out will be declared illegal. Effective participation of all the people, especially the labourers in the country’s politics and in the management of the establishments they are working for, is the greatest support for the National Government.

62. Warm Hearth, Happy Family
The economic and cultural relations resulting from globalization, which break up and corrupt the family will be eliminated and the family will be protected.

63. Protection of Children and Orphans
Child labour under 15 years of age will not be allowed. The National Government , mobilizing all its forces from the centre to the local administrative units, will protect children and will radically put an end to all kinds of violence and abuse on children. New institutions will be set up and the necessary resources will be supplied for the cultural and bodily development of children, free of charge.

Care for the orphans and their education will be undertaken by the state. Child Improvement Centres will be established for children who have committed crimes, to win them back to the society. There will not be left a single homeless child. Children drawn into purse-snatching and drug addiction will be trained for various occupations.

64. Liberation of Women
The National Government will conduct campaigns in all the spheres of the society to radically put an end to the legal and actual inequality between women and men, discrimination, all kinds of violence and sexual abuse women are subjected to. The relations and institutions originating from Mediaeval ideologies and social relations, which prevent women from taking their part in social life and production will be eliminated and women will be provided with employment and income. All hindrance and conventional considerations which prevent women from assuming leading roles in the social, economic, political and cultural spheres will be removed and in this context, a sufficient number of nursery schools, kindergartens, training centres, literacy courses will be offered to women. All measures will be taken to safeguard women as mothers. In the rural areas women will be supplied with social and medical insurance and women’s enterprises will be encouraged.

Proper dwellings and good conditions will be provided for unemployed women and women with no families and they will be taken under government care. The economic and social foundations which force women to sell their bodies and give great pain to their families will be wiped out and trafficking of women and prostitution will be eradicated.

The understanding and publications in the contexts of education and media which look down upon, humiliate and impede the progress of women will not be permitted.

65. Protection of the Widowed, the Aged, the Handicapped and the Pensioners 
The National Government and the local administrations will protect the widowed, the Aged, the Handicapped and the Pensioners, satisfy their social and cultural needs, establish the necessary institutions and provide the necessary resources to facilitate their participation in the social life in all fields. Within this context, primarily the salaries of the pensioners, the widowed and the orphans will be raised to a level sufficient for a decent living.

The National Government considers the handicapped not as people in need of help but as citizens who will contribute to the development of the country. Every opportunity will be provided for the handicapped to help them actively participate in all the spheres of life, in production, services, cultural and artistic activities. The state is responsible for the care and education of the handicapped children The organizations for handicapped people will be consulted in all the decisions concerning the them.

66. Respect and Protection for the People Fallen and Disabled for their Country
The most precious underground wealth of Turkey is the dead bodies of the people fallen in defence of the country. Caring for their families is a part of the defence of the motherland and the Republic. The National Government will do everything to strengthen the awareness of the feelings of respect and gratitude felt for them. Their memories will be cherished, their graves will be well looked after. All the provisions concerning those who have fallen and incapacitated for their country will be gathered in a single law and the welfare of their families and the education of their children will be secured by the state. The organizations formed for their interest will be supported.

67. Turkish Citizens Abroad
Creating new job opportunities, the National Government will stop the migration to overseas countries and establish a new system of investment, production and a just distribution, which will make use of the labour power in the development of the country. In this way, the citizens who have migrated to foreign countries for purposes of employment, better job opportunities, political and various other reasons will find the opportunity to return to their homelands. 

The National Government will make every attempt to answer the social and cultural needs of its citizens abroad. It will make every effort to claim the sums of money grasped from these citizens through crooked deals. The adaptation problems of those who wish to return to their motherland, will be solved. The necessary arrangements will be made to give these citizens living abroad the opportunity to cast their votes in the Turkish elections, in nearby centres.

The Patriotic Party, just as it did in Lausanne and Berlin, after coming to power too, will do its utmost to defend their rights and peace of mind against racism, xenophobia and cultural pressures, by making use of the facilities of being in power and by mobilizing them.


68. Free Education and Sports

Cultural and sportive facilities will be provided from the kindergarten to university graduation. No amount of money under any name (contribution, aid etc.) may be demanded from the students and their families. The clothing and food expenses and cultural and entertainment needs of the students with no families , will be supplied by the state.

69. Developing Turkish
The National Government, in full agreement with the motto “Developing Turkish is to develop Turkey”, will launch a long-term campaign to serve the purpose of teaching the citizens Turkish well. Education will be conducted in Turkish, from the kindergarten to university graduation and foreign languages will be fully taught to the citizens.

The National Government will make and exercise a law under the title of "Developing Turkish” to prevent all the negative effects of foreign languages which distort Turkish, in public administration, education, publications, commerce, arts, entertainment and sports and to help the development of Turkish as a medium of science and civilization. All the laws concerning the press and the media, especially the one concerning The Turkish Broadcasting Company will be duly amended. The companies, press institutions and associations will not be allowed to use names in foreign languages.

“Yunus Emre Institutes” will be founded to teach and to spread the Turkish language and culture in important centres of Turkey and the world. 

70. Uniformity and Philosophy of Education
The National Government will practice a uniform educational system which answers the needs of an independent, collectivist, democratic, secular, scientific and populist economy under the guidance of the revolutionary philosophy of the Republic. Within this context, the present educational system which trains personnel for the imperialist system will be changed fundamentally. New generations who have grasped Turkish well, who love their country, who are filled with the joy of serving their people, who are revolutionary and freely upholding his/her opinions, creative, proud, uncompromising in the face of injustice, brave, supportive of peace and solidarity, respectful of labour, mindful about public property, sharing, cherishing brotherly feelings towards humanity, able, well informed and responsible will be raised. Special attention will be given to lessons of art and culture, such as music, art and drama. The experience of the “Rural Institutes” which Turkey has so successfully created will be reconsidered according to the needs of modern education.

The National Government will place the student and the teacher in the centre of education

71. The Educational Institutions Belonging to Islamic Orders to be Nationalized
All the schools owned by Islamic Orders and Foundations, which are illegal according to the laws of the Republic, and all the private secondary schools and universities will be nationalized and will be turned into institutions in the service of the people. Thus, the uniformity of education will be established.

72. University Entrance to be Based on Secondary School
A well-educated human power is the most important wealth of a country. Strengthening the primary and the secondary schools, the government will see to it that the young people graduating from these schools have been equipped with a high-quality education which will give them proper guidance. The university entrance will be based on the secondary school education and there will be equality of opportunity for all. The present understanding and practice of education which has reduced it to merely acquiring the necessary skills to enter a university, will be dropped. The distribution of educated human power will no longer be under the distorting and destructive influence of the University Entrance Examination. Entrance examinations and other devices will function as guiding elements which serve the practicing of the educational plan. The University Entrance Examination will gradually be abated . An accord will be formed between the areas the young people are interested in, their skills and the occupations and professions they choose. 

73. Vocational Schools
A vocational training which answer the needs of social and cultural development will be given to students.

74. The Quality of Scientific Knowledge and Serving the Public in Universities
Turkish universities, will be reorganized as Republican institutions which will contribute to the future of the nation with the services they give to the public, besides contributing to scientific research and teaching scientific subjects. The universities will conduct their work according to a national scientific agenda without giving any compromise from science and the universal norms of science. The creation of a science-power specifically and a human power in general will be planned and our universities will serve as the main factor in putting this plan into practice. It will be given special care that, starting with certain branches, our universities are counted among the vanguard institutions in science. The rules concerning promotion and appointment will be rewritten according to these standards.

As a requirement of completing the Kemalist Revolution, the universities will definitely possess administrative and financial autonomy and they will function democratically.

75. Freedom for the Scholar and Encouragement of Research
With the help of populist and libertarian policies, people especially talented in scientific fields will be able to show themselves and the young people will be encouraged to make inventions and research in scientific fields. Freedom in scientific work and encouragement of research will play an important role in stopping the brain drain in the country and the conditions will be prepared to draw talented brains to our country.

The Turkish Language Institute and the Turkish History Institute will be given autonomy and sufficient funds will be put at their disposal. Thousands of scholars will be encouraged to research on the Turkish Language and History.

76. Revolutionary Education and Enlightenment Campaigns 
An all-embracing campaign for Revolutionary Education and Enlightenment will be conducted and a long term education will be given to the people in order to wipe out the potential of domestic strife in the hands of the reactionary forces, backed by the West, to strengthen the national unity, to create the work force of a modern economy and to develop our citizens’ skills. The institutions and the tools for such a campaign will be created. The Broadcasting Law and the Press Law will be amended within this context. Public Libraries, museums and cultural institutions will be popularized and developed. “People’s Homes” will be set up according to the present-day conditions, everywhere, including the smallest rural villages and urban districts, and will both educate the people and help them participate in artistic and cultural activities.

77. Art for the Sake of Renewal and Beauty
The National Government will establish the necessary institutions and supply the necessary funds so that our national and populist art will embrace the society in all spheres and educate them. Turkish art will be developed to reach international standards both technically and aesthetically. The artistic wealth and experience of the people will be developed in modern standards.

Fine Arts will become a part of life and will be developed. Artists will be provided with new prospects. The Copyright Law will be unconditionally enforced and illegal publications will not be allowed. The labour and creativity behind the ownership of the works of art will be protected. 

Radio and TV stations, press and publishing houses, the film industry will be encouraged and promoted. The young people and all the citizens will be encouraged to develop their skills at least in one field of art.

The State Theatre, The State Opera and Ballet, The Symphony Orchestras, Choruses, Art Galleries, Artist Training Institutes, State Conservatories, Fine Arts Schools, the artistic institutions run by the municipal administrations, the institutes formed to teach and promote folklore music and dances will be spread across the country and their standards will be raised. Private artistic institutions will be supported. Art will be considered as a bridge of friendship among peoples and countries.

78. Alienation and Monopolization to be Prevented. National and Free Press
The Press and the radio and TV stations will no longer be dependent on Turkish and foreign monopolies and will be liberated. Foreign capital in the press and the broadcasting sector will not be allowed. The press will no longer be instrumental in the cultural degeneration of the society. There will be equality in competition in dispatching information and news to the people. The press will be supported. Local newspapers, which serve the democratization of the country will be supported.

79. Sports to Serve the Making of Healthy, Happy and Good Citizens
Facilities will be provided for all the citizens young and old, to partake of sportive activities, sportive institutions will be popularized all over the country and will be supported. The young people and all the citizens will be cleared of the effects of capitalist degeneration which instigate hostility and individualism in sportive competitions. A sports culture which rears both bodily and mentally healthy, happy and good citizens will be created. The rights of the sports labourers will be observed.

80. Struggle against Moral Corruption
The Patriotic Party will carry on an unceasing struggle against imperialist culture which alienates people to their motherland, their society, to production and to themselves. It will strive to promote and establish socialist morals and values which is based on patriotism, hard work, amicability, love for human beings, animals and nature, tolerance, and peace; against imperialist and capitalist degeneration which instigates alienation from one’s motherland and nation, anarchism, egotism, profiteering, corruption, greed, favouritism, prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction and which fragments the society, isolates the individual and induces him/her into savage behaviour.